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Empower the next generation through the innovation of
3D Printing

Who we are

We are the best 3D printing academy centre in Malaysia offering programs designed to empower our students.

Equipping them with the power to apply theories to practice, unleashing their inner creativity and developing their innovative skills.

"Knowledge is not power, applying knowledge is power"

What we believe

Applying Dan Lok's philosophy and the RICE values, we believe in an academy that not only teaches but puts to practice the concepts.

To not only be able to design and ideate but to be able to fabricate and bring to life a tangible product.

Inspire the new generations to apply theories to practice

Solving problems and generating opportunities with the help of 3D printing.

Our mission

Transform the way Malaysians learn

To bring out the latent creativity, innovativity and transformative abilities that lie dormant within the local youth.

Our vision

Meet our team

The people who put quality education at its forefront

Tan Wei Siang

Technical Director

Wesley Tai

Managing Director

Jeffrey Lee

Sales Director

Loh Zhi Ying

Operations Director